We envisage to be the first Automated and Franchise Lubricant Oil Company in the World

Many orders for the Sophisticated Blending Lubricant Plants have been placed by various companies who are end users and individuals , as a start we planning to franchise four plants in Malaysia, five in India, Thailand, China, Lager facility in Dubai, Bulgaria, Brussels , Spain and the united States. Our Lubricant Oils stands out from the rest as Quantum Lubricant's Quality vary by 1/1000 in variance and consistency and we might add that no Company in Malaysia or the world can make that statement.

Strategic Business Units within Quantum Petroleum. 


  • The Technology BIO DIESEL

    We have also perfected the highest technology to manufacture BIODIESEL from Jatroph...

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  • Marketing

    Quantum Petroleum will maintain a significant marketing presence throughout the networking of the Quantum group that will further incorporate and endorse the trademark and ......

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  • enquiry

    Head Office : Australia
    Phone : +61 41 922-1198
    Facsimiles : +61 2 9608-8234

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